Plane is the most popular and convenient when you want to travel to Con Dao, it's helping guests have more time for sightseeing and convalescence with time not too long (3-4 days ).

Vasco (Vietnamairlines) flight to Con Dao from Tan Son Nhat airport, Can Tho with 6-10 flights/day (summer schedule).

Vasco (Vietnamairlines) goes from HCMC to Con Dao with 6 - 10 flights (roundtrip)/day, from Can Tho to Con Dao with 1 flight (roundtrip)/day (from May to August). They used ATR 72-500 turboprop with 64-66 seats/flight  by different prices at the time of issue. Its itinerary ranges from 45-60 minutes/flight depending on the weather.

Ticket price
From 1Jun to 3Sep From 4Sep to 31Jan From 1Feb to 31May
SUN - THU Week-end SUN - THU Week-end SUN - THU Week-end
3.100.000 VND/round trip 3.300.000 VND/round trip 2.950.000 VND/round trip 3.150.000 VND/round trip 3.000.000 VND/round trip 3.200.000 VND/round trip


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